Monday, May 9, 2011

Get the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape!


Change is good. But when it comes to getting a new haircut there are three things you must consider: hair type, facial features and most importantly, the shape of your face. We give you the scoop on the best cuts and styles for every shape.
Round Face, Short Hair
Your Best Cut: A layered pixie.

Try a pixie cut like Morena Baccarin’s. The long, textured pieces in this sexy pixie lengthen her face while also drawing emphasis to her eyes and cheekbones.

Round Face, Medium Length
Your Best Cut: An asymmetrical cut

An uneven cut looks great on a round face like Selena Gomez’s. Hair that falls to the shoulder with textured pieces around the neckline helps slim a full face. Adding a deep side part will make your face look longer, making it appear more oval.

Round Face, Long Hair
Your Best Cut: Long, subtle layers

Long layers like Fergie’s that start below the cheekbones are a great way to frame the face. The idea is to go for layers that are going to make your hair appear fuller. The extra volume in the hair creates a face-slimming effect and adds definition.
Heart Face, Short
Your Best Cut: A slightly above-the-shoulder bob with layers sliced all around

Heart-shaped faces like Zoe Saldana’s tend to be wide at the forehead and cheekbones but narrow around the chin area. So you want to go for a bouncy cut that’s going to hit right below the jaw to help fill in the area, while avoiding a top-heavy look.
Heart Face, Medium Length
Your Best Cut: Layered with face-framing pieces

Naya Rivera’s narrow chin tends to be the focal point of her face. The layers of her cut offset her defined jaw.

Heart Face, Long Hair
Your Best Cut: Long, full layers

Jennifer Lopez has a strong chin but her long, thick mane and sweptback bangs draw all the attention to her eyes. The cut also shows off the natural dimensions of her face.

Oval Face, Short Hair
Your Best Cut: A sleek bob

Oval faces look great with just about any hair length. But a collarbone length bob like Jessica Alba’s helps break up a long face while showing off your neck.

Oval Face, Medium Length
Your Best Cut: Blunt bangs

Long, straight bangs across the brow line like Lea Michele’s breaks up the length of a very long face. Keep bangs blunt by blow-drying and passing a flatiron once or twice.

Oval Face, Long Hair
Your Best Cut: Long, side-swept bangs

Long bangs are a great way to visually shorten the distance form your forehead to your chin. But if you don’t want to fuss with blunt bangs, go for a less high-maintenance look, like long, side-swept bangs. You can even pin them to the side for a long and deep side part.

Square Face, Short Hair
Your Best Cut: A short bob with heavy slanted bangs.

A chin-length bob takes the emphasis off the jaw and on the cheekbones.

Square Face, Medium Length
Your Best Cut: Shoulder-length cut with feathery layers all around the head.

This classic cut is perfect for square faces because the airy layers soften any sharp edges.
Square Faces, Long hair
Your Best Cut: Long and Straight

Wearing your hair really straight and long helps soften square angles. Parting your hair in the middle like Penelope Cruz, helps balance out your face’s boxiness and takes the attention away from the jawline.

Source Johanna Ferreira


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